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Synergy Developer Onboarding Materials

Check out these quick references for established Synergy developers and new hires alike. Use the download links to take the materials with you offline—and since this library has no due dates, you never have to check them back in!

Cheat Sheets

Programming is an open book test. Peruse our collection of printable materials to keep within arm’s reach, minimal page flipping required.

Synergy Basics

This two-sided cheat sheet gives you the basic syntax you’ll need to get started programming in Synergy. It’s also a great companion for the Synergy DBL Language Essentials course! Topics include

  • Basic Synergy data types
  • Declaring variables
  • Casting data
  • Variable statement syntax
  • Control flow
  • Relational operators
  • Boolean operators
  • Data division and procedure division syntax

Synergy .NET for C# Programmers

Use this cheat sheet to get a jump start at object oriented programing in Synergy .NET. This two-sided cheat sheet shows the syntax differences between C# and Synergy .NET. Topics include

  • Arrays and lists
  • Lambdas
  • Control flow
  • Namespace
  • Classes and constructors
  • Methods
  • Interfaces
  • Properties
  • Structures

Synergy I/O Syntax

This comprehensive two-sided cheat sheet gives you all the I/O-related functions you’ll need to get started programming in Synergy. Topics include

  • Opening and closing channels
  • Sending output to a device or file
  • I/O statements and qualifiers

Synergy Beginner I/O Syntax

This half sheet covers the basics of Synergy I/O syntax for beginners. It’s a popular staple of our new developer welcome kits and a great companion for the Synergy DBL Language Essentials course. Topics include

  • File and terminal I/O statements
  • I/O modes and submodes
  • Display items
  • Runtime option flags

Synergy Maximums, Terminal Keys with Special Functions, and ASCII Character Set

This cheat sheet includes the appendixes of the Synergy DBL Language Reference guide all in one easy to read page. Topics include

  • Maximums for ISAM, data, and more
  • Terminal keys with special functions
  • The ASCII character set decimal codes

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Onboarding Assets

Getting new employees up to speed quickly is a priority for many hiring managers, but it takes work to put together a comprehensive onboarding program. Why reinvent the wheel? We’ve created some materials to help. New Synergy developers can also find tips about where to get started here!

90-Day New Hire Onboarding Plan

Hiring managers can use and edit this template as they see fit. The document covers the first 90 days of a new hire’s employment, plus a few recommendations for the long term. While many Synergy/DE-specific suggestions are detailed, the template also contains suggestions for general onboarding into your specific office culture and processes.

Who is Synergex?

At Synergex, we think of our customers as our partners. Since this type of relationship isn’t common in our industry, we’ve created a document that explains who we are to your new hire. It also shares some background about our products and services. This PDF can stand alone, but we also link to it from our 90-day plan template.

New Developer Quick Start Guide

For new Synergy developers who are wondering where to start, we’ve created a list of topics to brush up on (with links to our documentation) and suggested goals or milestones to shoot for as they begin their Synergy development. Please take your individual development environment into consideration when determining which goals make sense.

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