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Synergex provides the tools and expertise to enable applications with the utmost security for users. We continually evolve these tools so you can manage and stay ahead of future threats.

Improve Your Synergy Applications with Security

By leveraging the security features and standards of the operating system in our products, Synergex simplifies building security into your own applications.

Things to do right now (if you haven’t already).
  • Encrypt your data
  • Use the HTTPS API when transmitting documents
  • Run xfServer and xfServerPlus from non-root/admin accounts
  • When using Harmony Core, secure access with standard security mechanisms

Synergex continues to evolve the security sophistication of its products. And we always put security first.

Use standard security mechanisms with Harmony Core

Harmony Core—our framework for securely exposing Synergy application logic and data as standard, accessible web services—enables you to secure access with standard security mechanisms. Since Harmony Core uses standards, security is built in, including ASP.NET, core security, OData security, and .NET security.

We Put Security First. Always.

We’re continually evolving the security sophistication of our products. And rest assured: we have controls in place to help safeguard all of our customers from security threats.

Your Partner Against Crime

When it comes to security, we’re in the trenches with you every day. We’ve also got heavier artillery available. Our Professional Services Group experts can conduct a system assessment to help you uncover potential vulnerabilities and/or create a disaster recovery plan so you can bounce back from successful attacks.

“There are a lot of attacks occurring these days. Malware is the biggest vector, but there are a lot of other vectors in the industry: email phishing, people hacking into systems, people installing things on your firewall, data mining. There are so many different trends and techniques being used, and we need to be aware of them more.”

Roger Andrews, CTO

“According to a SonicWall’s 2022 mid-year cyber threat report, there was an “11% increase in global malware, a 77% spike in IoT malware, a 132% rise in encrypted threats.”

Learn More

Watch this webinar to learn about different types of threats to modern-day applications and ways to protect your company, applications, and customer data from such attacks.

Chris Blundell

“We have always been able to achieve our goals with Synergy. The tools are very secure and stable.”

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