Modern Developer Tools Matter

Boost productivity, open up creativity, and ensure a steady stream of development talent

Accelerating Application Modernization

A modern development environment really matters. That’s why we strongly recommend moving your traditional Synergy development into Visual Studio, the industry-leading IDE from Microsoft. And it’s easier than you think. With our Visual Studio extension, it’s easy to develop traditional Synergy and/or Synergy .NET applications in Visual Studio. And Visual Studio puts you on the path to DevOps.

Synergex customers are rethinking and redefining how they bring their application franchises forward. Moving to Visual Studio can be a giant and strategic step.

Tony Eley, Development Manager,
Forward Solutions

"The Visual Studio extension is absolutely brilliant currently and is making development so much easier for our new developers. We are even tempting our more tenured developers away from vi and edt on Linux! It is helping to revolutionise Forward Solutions!"

Get Help from the Pros

We can assist you in moving to Visual Studio efficiently. We can help you plan your move, fine-tune and test your integration, train your development team, and/or provide project assistance, short or long term, to ensure success. Our Professional Services Group has extensive experience in helping Synergex customers adopt Visual Studio as their IDE and make a smooth—and business-changing—transition.

Greg Crème, Lead Developer
Western Carriers

“We had wanted to get our development team onto Visual Studio for quite some time and were able to get about 70% of the way there by ourselves. We engaged with Synergex PSG to define best practices around completing our code migration, configuring our machines to work with Visual Studio with multiple repositories, and our source control and management techniques. After three days of on-site consulting, we were provided a comprehensive plan to tackle these topics, which gave us the direction and confidence we needed to fully adopt Visual Studio as our primary IDE and realize the productivity benefits of this move.”

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