High Availability and Resilience

Strive for High(er) Availability

Eliminating single points of failure in your system is about more than just anticipating dysfunction and degradation. It’s about drawing a target on better business continuity. Faster, smoother updates. Reducing vulnerability to malware.

Design for Resiliency

There's a lot you can do to minimize downtime for your Synergy applications and boost their resilience.

Start with careful system design and configuration. A Synergy-based application can be configured to run in a resilient fashion through various infrastructure choices: virtual machines, client/server systems, network data access, or SANS.

A correctly configured stand-alone system with sufficient resources provides the best performance. Such systems are very fast, and adding a hot standby makes them resilient. If your applications are pushing the system’s limits (due to too many users, intensive end-of-year processing, etc.), improve the stand-alone system, if possible, before moving data or processing out to the network.

Synergy ISAM files possess superpowers. These include auto-recovery of ISAM files on open, auto-recovery of corrupt files, selective flushing of I/O write options directly to disk to minimize performance impact while maximizing data integrity, the ability to rebuild in-use ISAM files, and fast rebuilds.

Got Critical Applications?

Don’t let availability and reliability concerns get in your way. Synergex experts have extensive field experience and deep knowledge in making Synergy applications their best, most available, and most resilient selves. They can help you analyze the resiliency of your applications, create a Windows failover cluster or disaster recovery plan, or define and implement other projects for ensuring high availability and resilience.

See our latest documentation for general performance recommendations, tips on configuring for resiliency, suggestions for configuring virtual machines or client/server systems, and more.

No Single Point of Failure

Watch this video to learn more about high availability, disaster recovery, and redundancy.

“We use Synergy/DE when we need a heavy-duty, powerful backbone. Most of our customers are very high volume. For instance, one of the largest companies in England, an energy company that distributes coal door-to-door, processes 5,000 orders a day for more than 500,000 customers. They depend on Synergy/DE to operate without any down time.”

Mervyn Erskine
Equiniti ICS Ltd.

“Synergex has proven to be an excellent partner for my company for over 25 years, and the reliability of the Synergex products we have used has always been rock solid.”

Robin Badenoch
SSP Limited (UK)

How Synergex Can Help

Synergex can help you assess, design, plan, and/or implement a high-availability strategy for today’s world.

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