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Turning applications into competitive advantage

Synergex products provide everything you need to create powerful, cross-platform enterprise solutions. The Synergy/DE product suite includes Synergy DBL, an advanced, object-oriented language, and Visual Studio integration for an industry-leading developer experience. Harmony Core, an open-source framework, provides connectivity via open and controlled access to your Synergy applications and data. With Synergy/DE and Harmony Core, your application’s potential is unlimited. Decide where you want to go. Our products will help get you there.


Synergy DBL is a proven, robust business language with class libraries, a high-performance database, and .NET interoperability. Flexible and reliable, it gives you the power to create scalable, portable enterprise applications and supports both object-oriented and structured programming techniques.

Development Environment

A modern development environment really matters. That’s why we strongly recommend moving your traditional Synergy development into Visual Studio, the industry-leading IDE from Microsoft. And it’s easier than you think.

Visual Studio includes IntelliSense®, a powerful debugger, user interface design tools, project wizards, and data designers. With our Visual Studio extension, it’s easy to develop traditional Synergy and/or Synergy .NET applications in Visual Studio. You can even target prior runtime versions and your preferred deployment platform (such as Unix or OpenVMS) while still taking advantage of the best features for your development. And Visual Studio puts you on the path to DevOps.

Connectivity and Open-Source Tools

Synergex has tools that enable you to provide open and controlled access to your Synergy applications and data. Our Harmony Core open-source software framework makes it easy for Synergy developers to expose application data and business logic via RESTful web services APIs. You can connect your applications to other applications, as well as to third-party relational database systems, making the latter fully queryable.

With Synergex products, you can transform monolithic, legacy line-of-business applications into “black box processing engines” that retain your investments in code and data. Imagine the possibilities.

Synergy Roadmap

Synergex is continuously advancing Synergy/DE products to enable long-term growth for Synergy-based solutions.

How Synergex Can Help

Synergex can help you get up-to-speed on using their products, including learning best practices. They can also partner with you to assess, plan, design, implement, and/or staff your software project.

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