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Synergy DBL is a proven, ANSI-standard business language with class libraries, a high-performance database, and .NET interoperability at the heart of the Synergy/DE product suite. Flexible and reliable, it gives you the power to create scalable, portable enterprise applications and supports both object-oriented and structured programming techniques. Synergy DBL comes in two forms: traditional Synergy DBL and Synergy DBL for .NET.

Traditional Synergy DBL supports numerous open technologies (including XML, HTTPS, SSL, and ActiveX) that allow you to interface with third-party applications and data. The multi-pass Synergy DBL compiler supports strong prototyping and other strict error-detection features.

Synergy DBL for .NET enables you to create Synergy libraries and applications that run natively in the .NET Framework, then extend your applications by taking advantage of .NET Framework libraries and third-party controls and interoperating with applications written in other .NET languages, such as C# or Visual Basic.

Whether you’re developing traditional or .NET Synergy applications, Synergy/DE’s tight integration with Visual Studio lets you access IntelliSense, Visual Studio wizards and designers (like WPF), ClickOnce deployment, the Visual Studio debugger, and much more.

Synergy/DE is supported on many Windows, Unix, and OpenVMS platforms. See what platforms we support.

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“Because Synergy/DE enables us to adopt emerging technologies, we are able to stay ahead of our competitors and produce quality software on time at a much lower cost.”

Jeff Gill

Gateway Dealer Solutions

“Our users were blown away with what can now be achieved.”

Gordon Ireland

GI Computer Solutions Ltd

“Synergex was instrumental in getting us to Windows and to a GUI interface our customers demanded. I know Windows won’t always be here, but when I look to the future, I also look to the past. And I know that Synergex will be there to help us with whatever comes next!”

Kevin Sheehan

Rural Computer Consultants, Inc.

“Synergy/DE provides the foundation that we require, the portability we need, and continues to demonstrate the future vision and direction we want to follow.”

Gayle Lewis


“When my development team got wind of the new features in the latest version of Synergy/DE, I heard cheers up and down the hallway! I just want to say thank you for all of the hard work Synergex’s people have put into the new version.”

Jim McKenney

Computers Unlimited

“We have always been able to achieve our goals with Synergy. The tools are very secure and stable. There have been a few instances where a client tried to produce their own solution with an emerging development environment and it subsequently failed. When this happened they would call us and we could go in and fix it with Synergy/DE.”

Brian Gray

Gould Hall

“The technology provided by Synergex gives us the edge…. We know we’re in the right hands with a company that provides software solutions that work.”

Roy Nelson

HyPro Inc.

“I have been using Synergy/DE for less than one year. I am very pleased with the quality and breadth of the product. The life and vitality displayed by Synergex in the new product developments that are underway is great.”

Rodney Jacobs

N.H. Bragg

“Our club members know what they want. This Synergy/DE-based website is a powerful tool that enables our members who are familiar with our vacation destinations to quickly and easily go online and determine their own travel plans without consulting a customer service representative.”

Jeff Jolley

Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC