Portability Across Development Platforms

Portability is our middle name. Whether you’re targeting Windows, Linux/Unix, or OpenVMS, you can port your code easily from one platform to the next—and when the next new platform comes along, you’ll be able to port to that too.


Develop traditional Synergy applications with Visual Studio or Workbench, and create Synergy .NET applications with Visual Studio.


Synergy/DE supports a variety of 32- and 64-bit Linux and Unix systems. You can develop on those systems or use Workbench’s feature-rich IDE on a Windows machine to develop Linux/Unix applications.


Is your dependable OpenVMS application looking a little frumpy these days? Give it some pizazz with a Windows front-end, and show prospective customers how impressive your application really is.


Supported Platforms

View the complete list of supported platforms and system versions.