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HP OpenVMS I64 (202)

HP OpenVMS I64 Integrity is an Itanium native (unique) little-endian platform. The table below shows the Synergy/DE versions available on this platform and the operating system versions on which they are supported. Gray shading indicates a retired version; there will be no future patches or updates.

Synergy/DE Versions

Supported Operating Systems Notes

Synergy DBL 11.1.1i
UI Toolkit 11.1.1i
Repository 11.1.1i
ReportWriter 11.1.1i
xfServer/xfServerPlus 11.1.1i
Connectivity Series 11.1.1i
xfNetLink Java Edition 11.1.1f

OpenVMS v8.3 and higher N/A

Synergy DBL 10.3.3g
UI Toolkit 10.3.3g
Repository 10.3.3g
ReportWriter 10.3.3g
xfServer/xfServerPlus 10.3.3g
Connectivity Series 10.3.3g
xfNetLink Java Edition 10.3.3

Synergy DBL 10.1.1d
UI Toolkit 10.1.1d
Repository 10.1.1d
ReportWriter 10.1.1d
xfServer/xfServerPlus 10.1.1d
Connectivity Series 10.1.1d
xfNetLink Java Edition 10.1.1c

OpenVMS v8.3 and higher N/A

Synergy Language 9.5.3b
UI Toolkit 9.5.3b
Repository 9.5.3b
ReportWriter 9.5.3b
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.5.3b
Connectivity Series 9.5.3b
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.5.3b

Synergy Language 9.3.1a
UI Toolkit 9.3.1a
Repository 9.3.1a
ReportWriter 9.3.1a
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.3.1a
Connectivity Series 9.3.1a
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.3.1

Synergy Language 9.1.5b
UI Toolkit 9.1.5b
Repository 9.1.5b
ReportWriter 9.1.5b
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.1.5b
Connectivity Series 9.1.5b
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.1.5a

Synergy Language 8.3.1d
UI Toolkit 8.3.1d
Repository 8.3.1b
ReportWriter 8.3.1
xfServer/xfServerPlus 8.3.1d
Connectivity Series 8.3.1d
xfNetLink Java Edition 8.3.1b

OpenVMS v8.2 and higher

Synergy Language 8.1.7d
UI Toolkit 8.1.7d
Repository 8.1.7d
ReportWriter 8.1.7d
xfServer/xfServerPlus 8.1.7d
Connectivity Series 8.1.7d
xfNetLink Java Edition 8.1.7d