Modernize Your Legacy Applications

Reinvent Your Legacy While Minimizing Risk and Cost

Legacy application modernization is a powerful and safe way to help ensure your company’s success, far into the future. Think evolution, not revolution.

Meet Smart Modernization

Our approach to legacy application modernization has been honed over hundreds of customer engagements. We help you evolve your application to a distributed platform defined by web-based microservices and a modern UI/UX using our proven methodology.

After a detailed system assessment to determine the opportunities you have for modernization, we use proofs of concept (PoCs) and pilots to improve feasibility, mitigate risk, and contain costs. (Our PoCs are well-known for being actionable and accountable.) Using industry best practices, we then help you expand the PoC to create your modern solution and also maximize your ability to support your evolved application.

The end result? A future-proof IT infrastructure with a user-focused UI/UX that will preserve and extend your many person-years of investment in business rules, logic, databases, and other irreplaceable intellectual property.

Embrace the Future (Well-Defined Path Included)

Businesses in virtually every industry are turning to UI/UX to bring their trusted applications into the future. Synergex can take you there with minimal code changes, low risk to application functionality and performance, and good ROI.

Your Modernization Partner

Synergex can provide the tools, training, and, if desired, personnel to assist you on your legacy modernization journey. We can help you unlock the years of accumulated business logic and data in your legacy systems. We can assist with assessment, design, and implementation. We’re seasoned at managing mixed teams that blend your developers with ours.

Alex Smith, Chief of Staff
Legacy Vacation Resorts

“Leveraging Harmony Core to expose our data and logic within the RCC application has opened up possibilities for us that I didn’t think were possible in a custom, legacy software application.”

Case Studies

Hear how two Synergex customers moved their legacy apps forward by leveraging web services for a new UI.

“Harmony Core has really given us hope for moving forward. For the last 8-10 years we had this looming technological debt that we didn’t see a way out of. Now with this new UI project moving forward and the success we’re having, we all see that path and see that we have a future with this product, without tearing it apart and starting over.”

Tim Bunker
Radley LLC

“When we tell people the things we’re able to do now [after exposing our data via a Harmony Core web service], they tend to look at [our legacy application] in a slightly different way. It gives people an opportunity to rethink what they think of as legacy.”

Chris Blundell, Applications Development Manager
United Natural Foods, Inc.

Thinking about replacing your proven legacy application with a new ERP system? 

Before you take another step in that direction of unknowns, high risks, and runaway costs (in money and time), take a look at the case study and other information below to learn how other IT organizations like yours have fared when going down that same road.

How Synergex Can Help

Synergex can help you modernize and bring your proven business applications into the future. Without heavy lifting.

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