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Our lives today take place via web, mobile, or touch screens. Now, you can add commensurate modern user interfaces and experiences (UI/UX) to your proven business systems.

The Perfect Path

So how do you open your application logic and data to a new UI/UX? Synergex provides an open-source framework called Harmony Core to do just that.

With Harmony Core, you can easily build RESTful web services that expose Synergy data and business logic as REST APIs. This industry-standard interface can be consumed by any modern UI development technology and is understandable by web developers.

You can implement Harmony Core as an add-on to your existing software, enabling the transition to your new UI at an easy pace. Your users can continue to access the existing UI for some components, allowing for a graceful evolution.

With Harmony Core-based web services, you can

  • Deliver lightweight, modern UIs
  • Create executive information systems/dashboards
  • Enable ad hoc querying/reporting
  • Integrate applications

Embrace the Future (Well-Defined Path Included)

Businesses in virtually every industry are turning to UI/UX to bring their trusted applications into the future. Synergex can take you there with minimal code changes, low risk to application functionality and performance, and good ROI.

Application, Meet Future

Consider your new UI/UX a high-value, low-risk way to quickly and visibly modernize your legacy system. Or as part of a full legacy modernization project that may include infrastructure improvements, technology updates, and development environment and/or process improvements. 

Either way, Synergex can help. And we thrive on challenges.

“For me, [Harmony Core] gives the product a new lease of life. It’s a win-win situation—we get to retain all the functionality within the core solution, while taking advantage of the latest UI innovations. It’s rejuvenated our product and how we will develop over the short term.”

Richard Litchfield, Managing Director
Forward Solutions

“Harmony Core has really given us hope for moving forward. For the last 8-10 years we had this looming technological debt that we didn’t see a way out of. Now with this new UI project moving forward and the success we are having, we all see that path and see that we have a future with this product, without tearing it apart and starting over.”

Tim Bunker, Director of eCommerce Development

Straight from the Source

Hear how two Synergex customers (one buy, one build) reimagined their ISV products with a modern UI/UX.

Kevin Sheehan
Rural Computer Consultants, Inc.

“Synergex was instrumental in getting us to Windows and to a GUI interface our customers demanded. I know Windows won’t always be here, but when I look to the future, I also look to the past. And I know that Synergex will be there to help us with whatever comes next!”

Ready to Modernize Your UI/UX?

Synergex can help you reinvent your legacy application with minimal risk and cost. 

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