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A Modern Language for Modern Enterprise Applications and Challenges

Synergy DBL is a proven, robust business language with class libraries, a high-performance database, and .NET interoperability at the heart of the Synergy/DE product suite. Flexible and reliable, it gives you the power to create scalable, portable enterprise applications and supports both object-oriented and structured programming techniques.

Synergy DBL comes in two forms: traditional Synergy DBL and Synergy DBL for .NET.

Traditional Synergy DBL

Traditional Synergy DBL supports numerous open technologies (including XML, HTTPS, SSL, and JSON) that allow you to interface with third-party applications and data. The multi-pass Synergy DBL compiler supports strong prototyping and other strict error-detection features.

Synergy DBL for .NET

Synergy DBL for .NET enables you to create Synergy libraries and applications that target .NET Framework and .NET 6 and higher. Then you can extend your applications by taking advantage of .NET libraries and third-party controls and by interoperating with applications written in other .NET languages, such as C# or Visual Basic.

Develop in Visual Studio

Whether you’re developing traditional Synergy or Synergy .NET applications, Synergy/DE’s tight integration with Visual Studio lets you access IntelliSense, Visual Studio wizards and designers, unit testing, performance profiler/instrumentation, the Visual Studio debugger, and much more.

Jeff Gill, Owner
Gateway DMS

“We're very fortunate that we chose Synergex's DBL language and toolset when we started our business many years ago. The flexibility, reliability, and speed it's provided has given us a real edge. Having a blindingly fast back end that can talk to any other front end has enabled us to bring our Voyager application forward and stay consistently competitive.”

Synergy/DE Is Supported on Many Windows, Unix, and OpenVMS Platforms

Customer Success Built on Synergy DBL

Learn how Synergex partner Gateway DMS has built a successful application and business on top of Synergy DBL and the Synergy toolset.

Automotive Entrepreneur Travels Successful Road with Synergy

  • Set out to build the perfect dealer management system
  • Chose DBL and ISAM for reliability and speed
  • Built thriving application and business, bolstered by Synergex partnership

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