Synergy Roadmap


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Synergex is committed to advancing the Synergy/DE product suite to enable long-term growth and success for Synergy-based solutions. As we extend our roadmap, we’re focused in the following areas:


(Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio)


Working on these

(some are available in 12.2 feature release)


  • Performance metrics / static code analysis 
  • Telemetry for diagnostics and usage analytics
  • Deprecating VS 2019, WPF, and Winforms
  • Linux support for .NET 6+ (GA)
  • Bug bashing technical debt
  • More resiliency for Visual Studio updates
  • Increased reliability with .NET 6+ 


Planning to implement


  • Migrate from MPF to Common Project System for enhanced project load stability and alignment with language standards
  • Enhance internal DevOps infrastructure for elevated quality and more consistent release cycles
  • Modularize extension architecture to eradicate outdated patterns and ensure compatibility with future Visual Studio updates
  • Improve Synergy .editorconfig experience in Visual Studio


Considering for future


  • .NET support for Multiple Mainline project type
  • Compiler performance optimization to improve IDE responsiveness
  • Repository schema IntelliSense; considering schema editing via Language Server Protocol
  • Repository export to individual schemas (structure, file, etc.)
  • Repository schema snippets for new items (structure, field, etc.)
  • Launch Repository UI to edit specific structure, file, etc.
  • Repository export deltas made in Repository UI
  • Improve Synergy .editorconfig experience in Visual Studio

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