Enterprise Application Integration, Simplified

Securely and Fluidly Integrate with Your Business—and Others

Fine-tuned with decades of customization and business logic, Synergy applications play critical roles in many businesses, including running ERP. Now, you can take full advantage of those assets.

Integrate with Anything, Anywhere

Today, your Synergy applications can integrate with anything, anywhere, inside or outside your business. From partners’ or customers’ ERP systems to shipping companies’ systems to ATMs and credit card systems to conveyor-belt systems and other plant equipment. E-commerce? No problem: we’ve even helped customers interface with B2C systems like Shopify.

Bye bye, comma-separated text files, EDI, and sneaker-net data transfers. Hello, productivity.

Synergex’s open-source software framework, Harmony Core, lets you expose your application data and business logic via RESTful web services APIs. This gives developers considerable flexibility when interacting with those services, including the ability to integrate securely with middleware platforms such as MuleSoft and Microsoft BizTalk.

Go Anywhere

Operating in today’s hyper-connected world just got easier. Synergex can help you expedite the extension of applications by quickly and securely opening up your business logic and data.

Ready When You Are

Regardless of where you need to take your Synergy applications, we can get you there efficiently. Our standards-based and open-source technologies minimize the need for things like refactoring and coding. Our Professional Services Group has extensive experience and expertise in significant EAI projects and can provide assistance in everything from Proofs of Concept to deployment.

Bill Hawkins
RCC Application Architect

“We wanted to utilize REST in our web service to provide a solution that could be consumed by non-Synergy developers. Harmony Core provided the tools and features we needed to get there quickly.”

Incorporating Web Services

Learn about web services, why you might want to use them for application integration, and how Synergex’s Harmony Core open source platform gives you the tools you need.

“Leveraging Harmony Core to expose our data and logic within the RCC application has opened up possibilities for us that I didn’t think were possible in a custom, legacy software application.”

Alex Smith, Chief of Staff
Legacy Vacation Resorts

“Today’s a very interconnected world. Most applications these days require some kind of integration with others. There are lots of different mechanisms for doing that, but almost always the best route is through web services, RESTful web services in particular. If you have any kind of integration requirements where other apps need to come in to you, then web services with Harmony Core is the way of doing it.”

Steve Ives, Senior Consultant

How Synergex Can Help

Synergex can help you extend and open up your Synergex applications, securely and scalably.

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