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Virtualization technologies—your ticket to the cloud—are setting a new bar for competitive business operations. Synergy/DE-based applications can work in the cloud, both as infrastructure as a service (virtual machines) and/or native cloud (containers). Let us show you how.

Craft Your Power Path…

Migrating Synergy applications to the cloud can offer a number of advantages—starting with  flexibility.

Virtual machines (VMs) replicate the functionality of an entire physical machine in the cloud. VMs have a complete operating system and can potentially host multiple applications simultaneously. They offer a number of benefits, starting with no maintenance costs. In the event of a disaster, you can recreate your environment easily. It’s also easy to create exact replica environments for development, testing, production, and so on. However, VMs typically consume significant resources.

Containerization takes virtualization to a whole new level: operating system (OS)–level virtualization. Unlike virtual machines, containers are much more focused on single, specific tasks. Typically supporting a single application, containers do precisely what the hosted application needs to operate and nothing more.

Containers are easy to deploy and start fast. They’re highly scalable: to increase capacity, simply add containers. Finally, they package code such that it can run on any machine. Open-source tools—like Docker and Kubernetes—make it easy to deploy and manage containers. Other “point” solutions, like VMware’s Tanzu, streamline cloud migrations and application operation.

Move Your Applications Forward

Regardless of your cloud migration path, our Professional Services Group experts can help. We’ll work with you and your virtualization technology provider(s) to optimize your investment in moving Synergy applications to the cloud and infrastructure as a service (IAAS). Or we can build a proof of concept for running your Unix or Windows applications in a containerized environment. Or anything between.

“Our CEO said, we really need to have a cloud-based offering for our ERP product… and that’s what we did. Customers are demanding cloud-based and on-premise. Cloud is [now] a revenue generator for us. And a fairly significant one.”

Carl Wysocki, Director of Technology
WorkWise LLC

“We need to transform the way we manage software”

“Even [legacy] software can benefit from being containerized, packaged in a consistent way, and leveraging things like cloud technologies in order to run them. Even though the data centers in which these things are running are going away over time, it doesn’t mean the software needs to go away with it. We need to transform the way we manage the software.”

Kelsey Hightower
Principal Engineer and Author

How Synergex Can Help

Synergex can help you assess, design, plan, and/or implement a cloud migration strategy for your Synergy applications.

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