Connectivity and Open-Source Tools

The tools you need, at your disposal

An Open Road for your Applications

Synergex has tools that enable you to provide open and controlled access to your Synergy applications and data. You can build RESTful web services with APIs that expose Synergy data and logic to other applications. You can also connect your applications to third-party relational database systems. Modernize your applications faster, with less risk and at lower cost.

An Open-Source Framework

Harmony Core makes it easy for Synergy developers to expose application data and business logic via RESTful web services APIs.

Harmony Core leverages the power of OData, making web service endpoints fully queryable, and even includes the ability to follow logical relationships between different types of information. This gives developers considerable flexibility when interacting with those services.

With Harmony Care, you basically transform monolithic, legacy line-of-business applications into highly secure “black box processing engines” that retain your investments in code and data so you can do things like

Deliver a lightweight, modern UI for users

Create executive information systems/dashboards

Enable ad hoc querying/reporting 

Integrate applications

Harmony Core in Action

RDBMS Access

SQL Connection provides an open gateway from Synergy applications to third-party relational database management systems like Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Use SQL Connection to bring the powerful features of relational databases to your users.

SQL Connection is an API and a set of database drivers that enable Synergy applications to use SQL-based functions to access and manipulate data from various relational database systems.

Other Connectivity Tools

Synergy/DE data-access tools—including our xfSeries and xfODBC—have long helped developers access and manage data locally or remotely and through popular third-party applications. If you’re using these tools today and you’re interested in moving to a more standards-based solution, consider Harmony Core. We can help you make the move.

Automated Code Generation

CodeGen is an open-source tool that can be used to generate code for a variety of programming languages, including Synergy DBL, C#, Visual Basic, and Java. It can also create XML files, HTML files, ASP.NET, Web Forms, and XAML files for WPF or Silverlight applications—essentially any text-based file whose content relates to information stored in a Synergy repository.

Automatic code generation helps you get your new applications to market more quickly. CodeGen is the backbone of Harmony Core and SQL Replication for many Synergex customer applications. Get CodeGen from GitHub.

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