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Automotive Entrepreneur Travels Successful Road with Synergy

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Synergex has amazing customers who have built incredible solutions on top of the Synergy toolset. Our case studies tell stories of how customers have used Synergex technologies and services to overcome challenges and modernize their solutions.

Automotive Entrepreneur Travels Successful Road with Synergy

Gateway DMS started out in 2000 with a mission to build the perfect dealer management system. With Synergy DBL as the foundation, along with a knack for technology and an independent mindset, the company has built a thriving application and business.

Agricultural Supply Leader Reaps Win by Modernizing Applications with Harmony Core

Van Diest Supply Company updated their container tracking system to meet new requirements. Along the way, they replaced their middleware with a Harmony Core-based RESTful web service (improving performance), plus created a new .NET Maui scanner app.

HVAC Manufacturer Heats Up the Future of Its ERP System with Visual Studio and Modern DevOps

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc., moved their development processes to Visual Studio and DevOps to align with industry standards, protect business continuity, and significantly improve developer experience.

Forward Solutions Fuels Its ERP Refresh with Harmony Core

Forward Solutions needed to update their UI to stay competitive. They created a RESTful web service POC with Harmony Core, which showed they’d be able to update their UI in a phased approach while retaining application functionality and with minimal code changes.

Radley Steers Their Automotive EDI Application into the Future with New Web Technologies and a New UI

Radley Corporation needed to update their aging web UI. They used Harmony Core to create a RESTful web service, exposing their data and much of their business logic as OData endpoints, positioning them for creating a modern UI with minimal changes to existing Synergy business logic.

Manufacturer Learns Hard Lessons in Move from Proven Legacy System to New ERP System

In this anonymous case study, an executive candidly describes the challenges his company encountered when they moved from their Synergy solution to a new ERP system: “... someone decided to try something new, and it has proven to be a very expensive decision….”

RCC Adds RESTful Web Service; Legacy Vacation Resorts Guests Rest Easier with New Self-Check-in

RCC added a modern web portal to their Resort Management Solution for customer Legacy Vacation Resorts. They also moved to industry standards with Harmony Core and RESTful web services, providing a foundation for future RCC development.

Synergex Helps UNFI Bring Harmony to Supplier Portal

To solve a scalability issue in their supplier portal, United Natural Foods, Inc., migrated their portal to be hosted within Harmony Core, providing multi-user security and channel management, as well as improved performance.

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Case Studies in Modern Development Practices on Non-Windows Deployment Systems

Customer Showcase: UNFI & Harmony Core – API Strategies in Action

“We’ve been able to streamline our source code and migrate our development process in a highly efficient way in an impressively short time. And we’re on a solid path to modern DevOps.”

Brandon Korus, IT Manager/Distributor Sales
Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc.

“We were very pleasantly surprised with how well [Harmony Core’s] Traditional Bridge fit our needs to call our existing traditional Synergy methods since we have a very large code base of more than 2500 modules. We also really like the ability to embed this new implementation into the current solution for a seamless transition for our customers.”

Alex Nowak, Software Developer
Radley Corporation

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