Get More Value From Your Data

Improve Data Visibility

Long-trusted Synergy systems contain treasure troves of data. By quickly connecting information and using it across the entire enterprise, you can increase automation, ensure tighter security, and create a competitive advantage in your industry.

Provide Standards-Based Access

Harmony Core uses industry-standard protocols and lets you share your data without rewriting any of your code or logic. Harmony Core leverages the power of OData, making web service endpoints fully query-able, and even includes the ability to follow logical relationships between different types of information. The data is live and can be easily configured for reading and (controlled) writing.

Synergex’s open-source software framework, Harmony Core, lets you expose your application data and business logic via RESTful web services APIs.

Put Your Data to Work, Fully

Businesses want to share more data from their trusted systems with workers, partners and customers. Synergex can get you and your developers over the integration hump with minimal code changes, low risk to application functionality and performance, and good ROI.

Opportunity Knocks. Your Data Is Calling.

Synergex customers are doing amazing things with the data accumulated in their trusted systems. Let Synergex help you quickly turn your data into gold with a data-visibility strategy and actionable POC.

Chris Blundell, Applications Development Manager
United Natural Foods, Inc.

“[With a Harmony Core web service] you’re minimizing the amount of change that you actually have to be responsible for. You’re letting the consumers of the data become responsible for what they want to see. The uses for this are almost limitless.”

Case Study: UNFI

Learn how customer United Natural Foods Inc. (with assistance from Synergex PSG) used Harmony Core to improve multi-user access to the data in their supplier portal.

“When we tell people the things we’re able to do now [after exposing our data via a Harmony Core web service], they tend to look at [our legacy application] in a slightly different way. It gives people an opportunity to rethink what they think of as legacy.”

Chris Blundell, Applications Development Manager
United Natural Foods, Inc.

"Leveraging Harmony Core to expose our data and logic within the RCC application has opened up possibilities for us that I didn’t think were possible in a custom, legacy software application."

Alex Smith, Chief of Staff
Legacy Vacation Resorts

How Synergex Can Help

Synergex can help you assess, design, plan, and/or implement a data-visibility project.

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