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HP OpenVMS Alpha and Emulator (200)

HP OpenVMS Alpha and HP OpenVMS Alpha emulator are Alpha native (unique) little-endian platforms. The table below shows the Synergy/DE versions available on these platforms and the operating system versions on which they are supported. Gray shading indicates a retired version; there will be no future patches or updates.

Synergy/DE Versions

Supported Operating Systems Notes

Synergy DBL
UI Toolkit
Connectivity Series

OpenVMS 8.4 and higher N/A

Synergy DBL 11.1.1j
UI Toolkit 11.1.1j
Repository 11.1.1j
ReportWriter 11.1.1j
xfServer/xfServerPlus 11.1.1j
Connectivity Series 11.1.1j
xfNetLink Java Edition 11.1.1f

Synergy DBL 10.3.3g
UI Toolkit 10.3.3g
Repository 10.3.3g
ReportWriter 10.3.3g
xfServer/xfServerPlus 10.3.3g
Connectivity Series 10.3.3g
xfNetLink Java Edition 10.3.3

OpenVMS 8.4 and higher N/A

Synergy DBL 10.3.1b
UI Toolkit 10.3.1b
Repository 10.3.1b
ReportWriter 10.3.1b
xfServer/xfServerPlus 10.3.1b
Connectivity Series 10.3.1b
xfNetLink Java Edition 10.3.1b

OpenVMS 7.3-2 and higher

Synergy DBL 10.1.1d
UI Toolkit 10.1.1d
Repository 10.1.1d
ReportWriter 10.1.1d
xfServer/xfServerPlus 10.1.1d
Connectivity Series 10.1.1d
xfNetLink Java Edition 10.1.1c

Synergy Language 9.5.3b
UI Toolkit 9.5.3b
Repository 9.5.3b
ReportWriter 9.5.3b
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.5.3b
Connectivity Series 9.5.3b
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.5.3b

OpenVMS 7.2 and higher

Synergy Language 9.3.1a
UI Toolkit 9.3.1a
Repository 9.3.1a
ReportWriter 9.3.1a
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.3.1a
Connectivity Series 9.3.1a
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.3.1

Synergy Language 9.1.5b
UI Toolkit 9.1.5b
Repository 9.1.5b
ReportWriter 9.1.5b
License Manager 9.1.5b
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.1.5b
Connectivity Series 9.1.5b
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.1.5a

Synergy Language 8.3.1d
UI Toolkit 8.3.1d
Repository 8.3.1b
ReportWriter 8.3.1
xfServer/xfServerPlus 8.3.1d
Connectivity Series 8.3.1d
xfNetLink Java Edition 8.3.1b

OpenVMS 7.1 and higher Connectivity Series requires OpenVMS 7.2 or higher.

Synergy Language 8.1.7d
UI Toolkit 8.1.7d
Repository 8.1.7d
ReportWriter 8.1.7d
xfServer/xfServerPlus 8.1.7d
Connectivity Series 8.1.7d
xfNetLink Java Edition 8.1.7d

OpenVMS 6.2 and higher xfServer and xfServerPlus require OpenVMS 7.1 or higher.


Connectivity Series requires OpenVMS 7.2 or higher.

Synergy Language 7.5.1f
UI Toolkit 7.5.1f
Repository 7.5.1f
ReportWriter 7.5.1f
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.5.1f
Connectivity Series 7.5.1f
xfNetLink Java Edition 7.5.1

OpenVMS 6.2 and higher xfServer, xfServerPlus, and Connectivity Series require OpenVMS 7.1 or higher.

Synergy Language 7.3.3
UI Toolkit 7.3.3
Repository 7.3.3
ReportWriter 7.3.3
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.3.3
Connectivity Series 7.3.3
xfNetLink Java Edition 7.3.3

Synergy Language 7.1.5k
UI Toolkit 7.1.5k
Repository 7.1.5o
ReportWriter 7.1.5o
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.1.5k
Connectivity Series 7.2.7a

OpenVMS 6.2 and higher

Connectivity Series requires OpenVMS 7.1 or higher.

Synergy/DE 7.1.5 is the minimum supported version for OpenVMS 7.2. Differences between OpenVMS 6.2 and 7.2 prevent older Synergy versions from working correctly.

Synergy/DE 7.1.5 on OpenVMS 7.2-1 requires UCX 5.0a.

xfNetLink Java Edition not available.

Synergy Language 6.3.1
UI Toolkit 6.3.1w
Repository 6.3.1
ReportWriter 6.3.1w
xfServer/xfServerPlus 6.3.1
SQL Connectivity 6.3.1a

OpenVMS 6.2 and higher xfNetLink Java Edition not available.

Synergy Language 6.1.1s
ReportWriter 6.1.1s
Toolkit 6.1.1s
Repository 6.1.1v
ReportWriter 6.1.1s
xfServer 6.1.1s
SQL Connectivity 6.1.1s

OpenVMS 6.1 and higher N/A

Synergy 5.7.9