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Advanced Cross-Platform Software Development Tools

No Boundaries

Synergy/DE® is a full suite of software development tools that provides everything you need to create powerful, cross-platform, enterprise applications. Synergy/DE is built around Synergy DBL, a flexible, object-oriented, DIBOL-based language designed for business that runs in multiple environments including .NET. It also includes a fast, scalable database system; tools for efficiently accessing Synergy and third-party data; the ability to securely distribute data and logic across multiple platforms; and full-featured, productive development environments, including Synergy DBL integrated with Visual Studio. With Synergy/DE, your application’s road to the future has no boundaries—you can take it wherever you want to go.


Development Platforms

Keeping your applications relevant is critical to your business success—and that includes making sure your platforms are up-to-date and supported. No matter what platform you’re on, we make it easy to stay current so you can keep your applications secure, take advantage of the latest technologies, and offer your users the latest operating system versions before they ask for them.


Windows offers two options: native .NET development using Visual Studio or traditional Windows development using Visual Studio or Workbench.


Linux/Unix has always provided a solid base for your Synergy logic and functionality. Breathe new life into time-tested applications with a modernized UI.


Revitalize your OpenVMS applications with a Windows front-end. Don’t let your effective, proven applications hide behind outdated facades.

Synergy DBL Language

Dive into feature-rich application design by employing the latest that Synergy DBL has to offer: object-oriented constructions, .NET interoperability, and strong prototyping are just a few of the tools that will help you create a first-rate solution, no matter what your industry or need.

Learn about Synergy DBL

Data Management Tools

Synergy/DE includes a scalable, high-performance database system­ along with a number of tools for accessing and managing your Synergy and third-party data.

Synergy DBMS

Efficiently store and manage your data with the file system that integrates seamlessly with Synergy DBL.


Access your Synergy business logic and data remotely from a .NET, Java, or Synergy client.


Reap the benefits of a distributed system by giving your Synergy applications access to remote Synergy data.


Give your users Windows-based analysis and reporting via applications like Microsoft Office and SAP Crystal Reports.

SQL Connection

Offer your users the powerful features of relational databases by providing access to RDBMSs like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Development Tools

Increase productivity and streamline your development efforts with our comprehensive, feature-rich set of development tools.

Visual Studio Integration

Use the Visual Studio development environment—including IntelliSense, debugging, and user interface design tools—to create traditional Synergy applications and Synergy .NET applications.


Use Workbench’s customizable, language-sensitive editor and integrated access to your development tools to create advanced Synergy applications that target Windows, Linux/Unix, or OpenVMS.

License Management

Ensure compliance with Synergy licensing policies and secure your applications with our license management tools.

Backup License

License server down? No sweat. Your backup license will automatically take over Synergy license management.

Licensing Toolkit

Build Synergy/DE License Manager protection into your own applications using the Licensing Toolkit API and License Key Generator.

DevPartner Program

Get all the products and services you need to successfully develop your Synergy solutions.

Current Version

Find out what’s new in the current version of Synergy/DE.

Need Help? The Synergex Resource Center has the Answers you need—and more.

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