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Your Platform, Our Expertise

Whatever platform you’re targeting, Synergy/DE is your key to creating world-class solutions with an easy-to-use application language designed specifically for business. Increase developer productivity and deliver sophisticated applications to the ever-changing marketplace on your development platform of choice.

A Partner in Your Success

Our expert team is available and eager to assist. With countless hours of experience and a sound understanding of today’s platforms and technologies, our highly skilled Professional Services consultants and Developer Support engineers can help you plan and meet long-term objectives as well as address your day-to-day needs.

Helping A Client


Let us help you define your technology roadmap and meet your development challenges head on. We’ll help you set the right course.


Our experienced programmers and software testers can supplement your development team so you can meet your project objectives.


Have a question or a problem? We’re here to help. Check out our online Resource Center, or contact us by phone, email, or Skype.

Expanding Your Knowledge

With our modern technologies and expert services behind you, you can accomplish more with your Synergy solutions than you may have thought possible. Use our many educational resources to give you and your team the knowledge you need to move forward.

See why businesses rely on Synergex for the technology and services they need to be successful.

Gayle Lewis

“Synergy/DE provides the foundation that we require, the portability we need, and continues to demonstrate the future vision and direction we want to follow.”

Gayle Lewis, AgTrax