The Synergy Application Maturity Model

The Synergy Application Maturity Model is a tool that our experts use to help you identify a modernization strategy for your business-critical applications. By knowing realistically where you are today and what you aspire to, you can create a plan for modernization that will serve you today and far into the future.

Developed based on our 45+ years of experience in legacy systems evolution

  • Describes current best-in-class states of modernization across five key phases/vectors
  • Guides you in dispassionately assessing your current level of maturity in each phase/vector
  • Leads to a baseline maturity snapshot as a navigational aid to a functional modernization journey
  • Stimulates an aspirational but practical discussion about modernization
  • Often used as part of a Synergy Application Assessment, a discovery project that evaluates your technology systems and overall environment and recommends effective modernization initiatives to help you meet your business goals
  • Serves as an ongoing guide / report card against best-in-class modernization, to keep your modernization journey on track

Maturity Model

Synergex continually updates the model against our client base (your peers) and against evolving best-in-class technologies and practices.


Development Environment

Development Process


User Interface

Reporting & Analytics

Scalability, can be third-party managed

Integrated development environment (IDE)


Advanced integrations with other applications, meets needs of advanced users

Responsive web, tablets, mobile

Predictive analytics

Data center
Off-premise, backups, DR, third-party managed

Language-sensitive editor

Scrum, Kanban, etc.

Rich functionality


Business intelligence

Test, QA, backups, DR
No business interruption

Integrated build system

Prototyping, iterative, spiral

Basic functionality

Windows application

Query & analysis solutions

On-premise with no QA, DR, or backups, or combo of

Source control, single or branched


Foundation/ infrastructure

Character- based


Not defined

Text editor

Not defined

Not defined

Not defined

Printed/paper reports

Modernization is a journey, not an event. With the Synergy Application Maturity Model, you can know where you are and where you want to go. And we can help you get there.

How Synergex Can Help

Synergex can help you assess the maturity of your application and then help you plan and/or implement your modernization project.

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