Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt NuGet Package

Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt contains the runtime libraries for device applications. It is installed to a local NuGet repository when Synergy DBL Integration is installed, and it is available on the NuGet site: The current version is

Every Visual Studio solution that has a Synergy project must have a reference to Synergy runtime libraries. For Synergy .NET Core and .NET Standard projects, the Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt NuGet package is used to meet this requirement. See Synergy .NET Requirements for more information.


Release notes

There are no release notes specific to Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt for this version. See the Synergy DBL release notes (rel_dbl.txt) for issues and enhancements that apply to the Synergy Runtime in general—i.e., to both the standard Synergy runtime (distributed with Synergy/DE) and Synergex.SynergyDE.synrnt.