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Discover what you can do with today’s Synergy/DE. Our videos span a wide range of topics, from Synergy DBL data types or Visual Studio basics to the latest features of our open-source projects.

Getting Started with Harmony Core

RESTful web services based on open standards are within reach for your Synergy-based application. Learn how to implement this open-sourced framework of libraries, CodeGen templates, and conventions that enable you to expose Synergy logic and data.
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Synergy DBL in Visual Studio

See what you can do with Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio.
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Synergy DBL Basics

Just getting started with Synergy? Start here!
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Synergy .NET

Learn how to extend your application with the .NET Framework.
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Give your application a facelift with help from these demos.
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Synergy/DE Tools

Workbench and CodeGen fans: Get your fix here.
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Data Management

Your one-stop-shop for all data issues, local or remote.
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Customer Demos

Looking for inspiration for where to take your app next? Look no further.
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Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting

Need help? We've got you covered!
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