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With the Synergex Application Assessment, you can own your application’s future instead of the future owning you.

Get a roadmap for application success

Does your application have what it takes for long-term success? How do you know?
Key criteria include:


Is your application maintainable by a remote and changing workforce?


Can your application connect to other systems in the cloud?


Are you protected against unauthorized access?


Can new users learn your application in a reasonable amount of time?


Is your application available when needed?


Is your application future-proof?

Your Application Assessment Journey

Led by Synergex Professional Services Group experts, the Application Assessment process examines your applications against your business goals, operational requirements, and competitive challenges. The assessment produces detailed recommendations that show you how your applications can deliver better business far into the future, including a detailed timeline, phases, steps and resource requirements. We…


The tailored assessment starts with an overview questionnaire completed by you. Tell us about your applications and system, plus your goals and challenges. We’ll create a custom agenda based on your needs. It may include your development environment and processes, infrastructure, application maturity, usability, and reporting & analytics. 


Next we'll dive deep into your applications with you (in person or remotely): having your developers walk us through code, asking questions, watching your subject matter experts using the applications, and more discovery as necessary. 


After these discovery steps, Synergex experts review the findings and analyze your applications further to create a detailed Post-Consulting Report.


The Application Assessment concludes with a presentation of the findings and a Post-Consulting Report with our best-practices recommendations. This presentation may include demos.

Our exclusive Synergy Application Maturity Model provides the starting point and a guide for our system assessments. It helps us calibrate where your applications are today (vis-a-vis your peers and the industry) and where they need to go.

Move forward quickly with assurance

The Application Assessment aims to deliver a thorough, informed, and immediately actionable roadmap for your applications in the shortest amount of time possible. Customers in many industries worldwide have benefitted from its collaborative, structured approach and actionable outcome.

Application Assessment Coverage

  • Your main areas of focus
  • Problems needing solutions
  • Current priorities
  • Ideal solution (visioning)
  • Short- and longer-term goals
  • Current Synergy software and products
  • Development environment, processes, and deployment
  • Integrations
  • Interfaces
  • Network and hardware
  • Operation systems

Francesca Labate
Daiohs USA

“Synergex's Application Assessment was instrumental in helping us get a handle on what we could do near and long term to ensure our application best serves and grows with our business. Synergex provided an actionable roadmap to accomplish both tactical and strategic goals, which they are now helping us implement."

Get application efficiency, functionality, and longevity

The Synergex Application Assessment can put your applications on the fast track to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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