Windows NT Alpha (102) – Retired

Windows NT Alpha is a little-endian, 32-bit platform. The table below shows the Synergy/DE versions that were available on this platform and the operating system versions on which they were supported.

Synergy/DE Versions Supported Operating Systems Notes

Synergy Language 6.1.2L
Toolkit 6.1.2L
Repository 6.1.2k 
ReportWriter 6.1.2m
License Manager 6.1.2L
xfServer 6.1.2
SQL Connectivity 6.1.2t

Windows NT 4.0 with SP3

Oracle 7.3 and SQL Server supported in 6.1.2t.

Synergy/DE version 6.3 clients can connect to version 6.1.2 xfServer server.

Synergy 5.7.9r 
Toolkit 3.7.9r
NT/Server 5.7.9
SQLX 1.3.2 

Windows NT 3.5.1 with SP5
Windows NT 4.0 with SP3