SCO OpenServer (003) - Retired

SCO OpenServer is a little-endian, 32-bit platform. The table below shows the Synergy/DE versions that were available on this platform and the operating system versions on which they were supported.

Synergy/DE Versions Supported Operating Systems Notes

Synergy DBL 10.1.1
UI Toolkit 10.1.1
Repository 10.1.1
ReportWriter 10.1.1
License Manager 10.1.1
Connectivity Series 10.1.1

v5.0.6 through v5.0.7 with TCP/IP
v6.0 with TCP/IP

Only SCO UNIX will work with 003.

Synergy Language 9.5.3b
UI Toolkit 9.5.3b
Repository 9.5.3b
ReportWriter 9.5.3
License Manager 9.5.3
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.5.3b
Connectivity Series 9.5.3b
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.5.1

Synergy Language 9.3.1b
UI Toolkit 9.3.1b
Repository 9.3.1b
ReportWriter 9.3.1
License Manager 9.3.1
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.3.1b
Connectivity Series 9.3.1a
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.3.1

v5.0.6 through v5.0.7 with TCP/IP
v6.0 with TCP/IP

Only SCO UNIX will work with 003.


Synergy Language 9.1.5b
UI Toolkit 9.1.5b
Repository 9.1.5b
ReportWriter 9.1.5b
License Manager 9.1.5b
xfServer/xfServerPlus 9.1.5b
Connectivity Series 9.1.5b
xfNetLink Java Edition 9.1.5a

Synergy Language 8.3.1c
UI Toolkit 8.3.1c
Repository 8.3.1b
ReportWriter 8.3.1
License Manager 8.3.1c
xfServer/xfServerPlus 8.3.1c
Connectivity Series 8.3.1c
xfNetLink Java Edition 8.3.1b

Synergy/DE 8.3.1c is the minimum supported version on SCO OpenServer 6.

Synergy Language 8.1.7d
UI Toolkit 8.1.7d
Repository 8.1.7d
ReportWriter 8.1.7a
License Manager 8.1.7d
xfServer/xfServerPlus 8.1.7d
Connectivity Series 8.1.7d
xfNetLink Java Edition 8.1.7d

v5.0.6 through v5.0.7 with TCP/IP

Only SCO UNIX will work with 003.

Synergy Language 7.5.1f
UI Toolkit 7.5.1f
Repository 7.5.1f
ReportWriter 7.5.1f
License Manager 7.5.1f
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.5.1f
Connectivity Series 7.5.1f
xfNetLink Java Edition 7.5.1

v5.0.5 and higher with TCP/IP

Synergy Language 7.3.3
UI Toolkit 7.3.3
Repository 7.3.3
ReportWriter 7.3.3
License Manager 7.3.3
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.3.3
Connectivity Series 7.3.3
xfNetLink Java Edition 7.3.3

Synergy Language 7.1.5q
UI Toolkit 7.1.5q
Repository 7.1.5q
ReportWriter 7.1.5q
License Manager 7.1.5q
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.1.5q
Connectivity Series 7.2.7a
xfNetLink Java Edition 7.1.5

Synergy Language 6.3.1v
UI Toolkit 6.3.1w
Repository 6.3.1n
ReportWriter 6.3.1w
License Manager 6.3.1n
xfServer/xfServerPlus 6.3.0
SQL Connectivity 6.3.0
xfNetLink Java Edition 6.3.0

v5.0.4 and v5.0.5

Synergy Language 6.1.1p
UI Toolkit 6.1.1s
Repository 6.1.1v
ReportWriter 6.1.1s
License Manager 6.1.1p
xfServer 6.1.1p
SQL Connectivity 6.1.1k

SVR3 SCO 3.2 v4.2 and higher

Synergy 5.7.9
Server 5.7.8
OpenNet 1.3.2
License Manager 1.1.16

SVR3 SCO 3.2 v4.2
SCO UnixWare v2

This version of system code 003 also ran on INTEL UNIX (SCO), DG/UX, Interactive Intel, Solaris Intel, UnixWare, and NCR 3000.

For non-SCO systems, xfServer and Connectivity were not supported and makedbr was required.