NCR UNIX (027) – Retired

NCR UNIX is a little-endian, 32-bit platform. The table below shows the Synergy/DE versions that were available on this platform and the operating system versions on which they were supported.

Synergy/DE Versions Supported Operating Systems Notes

Synergy Language 8.1.5d
UI Toolkit 8.1.5d
Repository 8.1.5d
ReportWriter 8.1.5d
License Manager 8.1.5
xfServer/xfServerPlus 8.1.5d

NCR UNIX v3.02 or higher


Connectivity Series and xfNetLink Java Edition not available.

Synergy Language 7.5.1f
UI Toolkit 7.5.1f
Repository 7.5.1f
ReportWriter 7.5.1f
License Manager 7.5.1f
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.5.1f

Synergy Language 7.3.3
UI Toolkit 7.3.3
Repository 7.3.3
ReportWriter 7.3.3
License Manager 7.3.3
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.3.3

Synergy Language 7.1.5q
UI Toolkit 7.1.5q
Repository 7.1.5q
ReportWriter 7.1.5q
License Manager 7.1.5q
xfServer/xfServerPlus 7.1.5q
xfODBC Connect 7.1.5f