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Synergy/DE Software Developer Support

Our Developer Support team is here to help. Our team’s extensive knowledge of the Synergy DBL language will help you take full advantage of the Synergy/DE product suite. We’re ready to answer your questions and provide loads of valuable advice to ensure your success. Get in touch today and let us know how we can assist you.

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Our team is ready to help
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We offer several options to get you the support you need. A Synergy DevPartner subscription includes year-round access to Support. We also offer support agreements and hourly support. Your account executive is here to help.

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Your comprehensive guide to the Synergy DBL language and development tools.
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Gayle Lewis

“We had a customer that was experiencing data corruption during wheat harvest. Trucks were lined up down the road eager to get back to the field. I had never used xfServer before and I didn’t have time to read the manual. Synergex had me up and going in no time. I don’t know where we would be without Synergex standing behind us! Absolutely saved the day!”

Gayle Lewis


Jack Engle

“I did not expect a hotfix generated so quickly. The rapid response was impressive. Also, the support rep dedicated the time immediately to prove that the issue was a bug. I am impressed with his tenacity on this.”

Jack Engle

WorkWise, LLC

Kim Rhodes

“Excellent support. Call picked up immediately, no wait. Fastest Support I have ever received. There is no better support than Synergy/DE Developer Support!”

Kim Rhodes


Brant MacPherson

“I have worked with many software vendors’ support systems and it is my opinion that Synergex support ranks among the best.”

Brant MacPherson

OpenLink Agribusiness Solutions Group

Bobbie Jarvi

“Not only did [the support rep] answer my question; she showed me an easier way of doing some other things as well!”

Bobbie Jarvi

Radley Corporation

Anthony J. Grandazza

“Your support is to be commended. I deal with many technical support help desks, and your desk’s accessibility and performance is among the best, if not the best.”

Anthony J. Grandazza

PAKco, Inc.

Tom Scaff

“This is the way I have always thought service should be.”

Tom Scaff

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.