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About Synergex

Advancing Applications. Partnering for Success.

For 40 years, Synergex products and services have enabled companies in a broad range of industries around the world to develop and use business applications to their fullest potential. Today we offer the latest technologies and leading expertise to partner with our customers as they advance their applications and truly drive business.

About Synergex

Synergex technologies are at the foundation of many of the applications that drive commerce around the world. Every day, millions of users interact with systems in e-commerce, global logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries that are built on or managed by Synergex solutions. Synergex’s flagship product is Synergy/DE, an extensive suite of application development tools that enables companies to create cross-platform, feature-rich, enterprise applications. The suite includes Synergy DBL, a proven business language based on ANSI-standard DIBOL; a high-performance indexed database; connectivity tools for remote data and application access; and integration with Visual Studio.

With Synergy/DE, companies can continue to expand on the investments they’ve made in their applications by developing new functionality, adding new technologies or platforms, increasing performance, and improving the user experience. Synergy/DE products and professional services provide the flexibility, control, and productivity developers need with the cost-effectiveness business leaders demand.

Synergy/DE customers include ISVs developing competitive vertical packages for specific markets as well as corporate end users developing in-house software to run their businesses. Our products and services are constantly evolving to keep pace with emerging technologies and to continue to meet changing business requirements.

Synergex also offers KitaroDB, a robust NoSQL key-value pair database for use in Windows, WinRT, and .NET solutions. See for more information.

In 2010 Synergex created Synergex Ventures, a corporate venture capital arm with the intention of looking at opportunities in the clean technology, agriculture, and biotech sectors.

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