Training Videos

See what you can do with today’s Synergy/DE. Our videos span a wide range of topics from Workbench basics to the latest in Symphony and CodeGen.

Synergy/DE Products

Synergy/DE Tools

  • Workbench – Get started with Professional Series Workbench
  • Encryption – Find out how encryption can safeguard your data
  • Licensing Toolkit – Learn how to use the Licensing Toolkit
  • Synergy CodeGen – Get trained on how to use CodeGen
  • Symphony – Learn how to use the Symphony Framework tool
  • UI Toolkit – Learn some UI Toolkit tips and techniques


  • KitaroDB – Discover what the open source KitaroDB can do
  • Customer Demos – See how other Synergy/DE users have improved their applications
  • DevPartner Support – Discover resolutions to a few common Support issues