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Language Essentials

Are you hiring new programmers? Do you have existing Synergy programmers who are unfamiliar with the many added features of the Synergy DBL language? Here’s the perfect opportunity to get them up to speed.

Discover the Synergy DBL Essentials through lecture and applied examples. A hands-on lab exercise follows each major topic to reinforce learning. Students will use Synergy DBL elements to enhance an ongoing sample application. As the class progresses, students will use more sophisticated methodologies to implement the required software solution.

This class also focuses on optimization techniques that will simplify migration to multiple platforms (including Windows). Concepts will be explained in the context of actual programming examples distributed to each student.

A strong emphasis in real-world business programming will foster learning that is both practical and team oriented. In addition to the elements of the Synergy DBL language, students will be exposed to standards and methodologies.


It is expected that students attend all five days of the class, unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor. Laptops used during the class must be loaded with the latest supported version of Synergy/DE and either Professional Series Workbench or Visual Studio.

Who Should Attend?

Students should be comfortable with using a modern computer programming language, preferably a business language.

Class Length & Notes

The class lasts five full days. Additional independent computer lab time may be available depending on class location.

The class will begin each day at 9:00 a.m. PST and end at approximately 5:00 p.m. PST, with an hour for lunch. Students are responsible for meals and lodging — Synergex can provide recommendations for nearby restaurants and hotels.

Synergex reserves the right to cancel this class two weeks before it is scheduled to begin if minimum enrollment requirements are not met.

Topics Covered

See our Class Policies for more information.

Custom Classes

Custom classes can be held onsite at your facility. Please contact Synergex for details. Phone 800.366.3472, or 916.635.7300 or email