Environment Variables

An environment variable is an abbreviation defined at the operating system level that holds values related to the current environment. To migrate more easily between Synergy DBL environments and to reduce the need for source-code modification, you can use environment variables and initialization settings to externally control program functionality.

Setting environment variables and initialization settings

Environment variables and initialization settings

ACTIVEX_LIST - Use ActiveX list control by default

ALT_FONT_HEIGHT - Alternate font height

ALT_FONT_WIDTH - Alternate font width

ALT_TYPE_FACE - Alternate font

ANSICOLOR - Use built-in runtime ANSI color sequences

APP_HEIGHT - Initial application window height

APP_SCALE - Initial scaling factor

APP_STATE - Initial application window state

APP_WIDTH - Initial application window width

APP_X - Initial horizontal position of window

APP_Y - Initial vertical position of window

AXDEBUG - Enable debugging system for ActiveX API

BADLOCKWAIT - Timeout for conventional lock

CACHE_STAT - Enable ISAM cache statistics

CMPBSIZ - Compiler output buffer size

COLORn - Possible colors

COMBUF - Input buffer size for COM port

COMSPEC - Shell program to run

CONNECTDIR - synergyde\connect directory

CWD - Working directory

DBG_BUFFER - Debugger window buffer

DBG_HEIGHT - Initial debugger window height

DBG_INIT - Debugger initialization file

DBG_RMT - Remote debugger startup information

DBG_SELECT - Enable Select debugging

DBG_SELECT_FILE - Specify location of Select debugging log

DBG_SELECT_INTERNAL - Locate Selects that cause a specific problem

DBG_WIDTH - Initial debugger window width

DBG_X - Initial horizontal position of debugger window

DBG_Y - Initial vertical position of debugger window

DBG$INPUT - Source of debugger input

DBG$OUTPUT - Destination of debugger output

DBGSRC - Debugger source files

DBL_CHRSET - User character set

DBL$FATAL_IMAGE - Image to chain to when FATAL has been called

DBL$RUNJB_OUTPUT - Output destination for RUNJB

DBL2XML_RPS - Alternate repository for dbl2xml

DBLBINDIR - dbl\bin directory

DBLBS - ASCII value of the backspace character

DBLCASE - Case translation

DBLDICTIONARY - Repository files

DBLDIR - Synergy DBL directory

DBLEOF - ASCII value of the EOF character

DBLHIGH64POS - 64-bit file offset for locking

DBLHIGHPOS - File offset for locking

DBLLIBRARY - Library files

DBLMAXERR - Maximum number of errors

DBLNET2XML_RPS - Alternate repository for SDI interop

DBLOPT - Synergy DBL system options

DBLSTARLET - System services directory

DBLTEXT - External subroutine directory

DTK_BEEP - Set initial value of g_beep

DTK_BOUNDS - Enable UI Toolkit bounds checking

DTK_BOUNDS_LOG - Log DTK_BOUNDS level 2 errors to a file

DTK_MENU_UP - Disable automatic pull-down menus

DTK_THROW_ABORT - Set initial value of g_throwabort

DTKDBG - Enable the UI Toolkit debugger

DTKFSWINSIZ - Size of file-stack memory cache

DTKKEYCTLFIL - Key mapping script file for UI Toolkit

DTKMAP - Directory for UI Toolkit key mapping file

DTKMAPFIL - UI Toolkit key mapping file

DTKRND - Directory for UI Toolkit rendition file

DTKRNDFIL - UI Toolkit rendition file

DTKTERM - Key map for UI Toolkit

DTKTMP - Directory for UI Toolkit temporary files

EDIT_SYSMENU - Include “Edit” entry on system menu

FCNV_RESET_TIMEKEY - Reset timestamp autokeys to current time

FONT - Palette entry definition

FONT_ALPHAFLD - Alphanumeric field font

FONT_ALTERNATE - Alternate global font

FONT_DEBUG - Debugger font

FONT_FOOTER - Initial footer section font

FONT_GLOBAL - Global font

FONT_HEADER - Initial header section font

FONT_HEIGHT - Font height

FONT_INFO - Initial information line font

FONT_LIST - List font

FONT_NUMFLD - Numeric field font

FONT_PROMPT - Prompt font

FONT_TEXT - Text font

FONT_WIDTH - Font width

GENESIS_HOME - Connect file

GENESIS_INITSQL - SQL options file

GENESIS_MSG_FILE - xfODBC error message file

HTTP_NOESCAPE - Disable HTTP escaping and unescaping of URIs

HTTP_RAND - File containing random data for HTTPS support

HTTPSLIB - HTTPS runtime support file

IDATASIZ - Irecovr buffer size

IGNIS2 - Ignore .is2 file

INTRAFILELOCKS - Control intraprocess file locking behavior

ISAMC_REV - Create files compatible with other Synergy versions

ISLOGMAX - Maximum size of isutl log file

ISUTLLOG - isutl log filename

IU_SORTMEMMAX - Maximum memory used by isutl and fconvert sorting operations

KEEP_BORDER - Always keep window border

LIBBSIZ - Librarian buffer size

LIBNBUF - Number of librarian cache buffers

LNKBSIZ - Linker buffer size

LNKNBUF - Number of linker cache buffers

MAXMEM - Maximum allocated memory

MAXMEMMAX - Test maximum allocated memory

MAXRECURSELEVEL - Maximum number of recursion levels

MAX_SEGBIG - Maximum code segment size before SEGBIG warning

MEMDBG - Monitor memory reclamation

MINIMIZE_LEADING - Reduce line spacing

MSGWAIT - Licensing and message controller

NUMBUFS - Data file cache buffers

OPENNET_POLL_TIME - SQL OpenNet service poll interval

OPTIMIZE_REDRAW - Disable redraw optimization

PALETTE - Synergy color palette

PCMD - Print command

PRINT_METHOD - LPQUE print method

PRINT_PREVIEW_BOTTOM - Bottom coordinate for print preview window

PRINT_PREVIEW_LEFT - Left coordinate for print preview window

PRINT_PREVIEW_SCROLL - Scrolling percentage in print preview window

PRINT_PREVIEW_TOP - Top coordinate for print preview window

PRINT_PREVIEW_ZOOM - Zoom factor for print preview window

PROFILE_PROCESSOR_TIME - Profile using accumulated CPU time

PROXY_HOST - Proxy host for remote URI requests

PROXY_LOCAL - Override handling of local URIs

PROXY_PORT - Proxy server port for remote URI requests

PROXY_SUBNET - Subnet mask to identify local URIs

RECVCTL - Alter irecovr behavior

RETAIN_CONTEXT_CHANGE_ON_SIGNAL - Set initial value of g_retaincontext

RETRYTIME - Change wait time for “File in use” errors

RPS - Repository directory

RPSDAT - Repository data files directory

RPSLIB - Repository subroutine library directory

RPSMFIL - Repository main file

RPSTFIL - Repository text file

RPSTMP - Repository temporary files directory

RPSXFIL - Repository cross-reference file

RPT - ReportWriter directory

RPTDAT - ReportWriter data files directory

RPTDATE - Date input order

RPTEURO - European formatting

RPTLIB - ReportWriter header file and shared library

RPTRFIL - ReportWriter report definition file

RPTTUT - ReportWriter tutorial data directory

RPTUSR - ReportWriter argument string

RSFILPATH - Default file path for xfServer

RSLOGMAX - Maximum xfServer log file size

RSYNDLOG - Alternate xfServer log file

RUSER - Client/server username

RWUSRLIB - ELB for ReportWriter user-overloadable routines

SCRIPT_SH - SCRIPT_SH.EXE shared image

SCSCOMPR - Client/server data compression

SCSKEEPALIVE - Keepalive timer for connection recovery

SCSKEEPCONNECT - Enable xfServer connection recovery

SCSKEEPCONTEXT - Time to maintain client context for connection recovery

SCSKEEPLOCKS - Time to maintain locks for connection recovery

SCSPORT - Client/server port

SCSPREFETCH - Enable READS prefetching and WRITES/PUTS buffering for xfServer

SCSPROFILE - Connection recovery settings

SDE - Location of the main Synergy/DE directory

SDMS_AUDIT - Enable auditing of nonserver file operations

SDMS_AUDIT_FILENAME - Limit audit output to specified file

SDMS_AUDIT_FLUSH - Flush entries for log events

SDMS_AUDIT_FULL - Log additional audit information

SDMS_AUDIT_MODE - Log I/O modes when auditing

SDMS_AUDIT_ROUTINE - Log routine name

SDMS_AUDIT_SRV - Enable auditing of multi-threaded file operations

SDMS2_FULL - Log additional ODBC calls to the database

SDMS2_LOG - xfODBC log file on OpenVMS

SFWINIPATH - Location of synergy.ini file

SFWUSRINIPATH - Location of synuser.ini file

SHELL - Default shell

SHOWSORTMEM - Display memory usage during sort

SHOWSORTMEM_FILE - Log memory usage during sort to the specified file

SIG_CORE - Crash on UNIX signals and Windows exceptions

SODBC_CNVFIL - xfODBC conversion setup file

SODBC_CNVOPT - Ignore “Excluded by ReportWriter” Repository setting

SODBC_COLLAPSE - Reduce number of columns for ODBC-enabled applications

SODBC_DBA - DBA location

SODBC_INIFIL - xfODBC environment setup file

SODBC_MCBA - Skip records with MCBA deleted-record characters

SODBC_NOGROUPNAME - Omit group and struct names from ODBC column names

SODBC_NONULL - Set “Null allowed” property for system catalog columns

SODBC_NOUNSIGNED - Ignore the “Negative allowed” Repository setting

SODBC_ODBCNAME - Use Repository “Alternate name” field

SODBC_TMPOPT - Exclude temporary files from system catalog

SODBC_TOKEN - Change the character used for arrayed fields and groups

SODBC_USEFORMAT - Use decimal information in format string

SORTMEM - Memory used by SORT

SORTMEMMAX - Maximum memory used by SORT

SQLJUSTINTIME - Generate cursor status on error condition

SSQLEXT - Enable detailed logging

SSQLLOG - Log SQL Connection function calls

SYN_3D_TOOLBAR - Apply 3-D edges to toolbar buttons

SYN_RESIZE_SCALE - Make application window resizable

SYN_TRANSPARENCY_THRESHOLD - Transparent color range threshold

SYN_TRANSPARENT_COLOR - Color treated as transparent

SYN_ULIMIT - ulimit value

SYN_VSS_WATCH_FILE - Filename to watch for VSS events

SYN_VSS_WATCH_PATH - Location to watch for VSS events

SYNBACKUP - Enable backup mode feature

SYNBASEDATE - Base date for xfODBC Julian day conversions

SYNBIN - Composer directory

SYNBITSIZE - 32- vs. 64-bit configuration

SYNCENTURY - Two-digit year used to determine default century

SYNCMPOPT - Options for all traditional Synergy compilations

SYNCSCOPT - C# compiler options

SYNDEFNS - Namespaces to import

SYNDLOG - Alternate License Manager debug log file

SYNERGY_NOLOCALE - Don’t use local user’s language settings

SYNERGYDE - Synergy/DE directory

SYNERGYDEDATA - Synergy/DE ProgramData directory

SYNERGYDE32 - Synergy/DE directory for 32-bit installations

SYNERGYDE64 - Synergy/DE directory for 64-bit installations

SYNERGYDE$ROOT - Root directory for Synergy/DE files

SynergyLicenseServer - Name or IP address of machine running license server

SYNEXPDIR - Export directory for prototype files

SYNIMPDIR - Directories to search for import files and prototypes

SYNNET_DEBUG - Enable debugging for the Synergy .NET assembly API

SYNRPT - Location of the SYNRPT.EXE shared image

SYNSEL_NUMALPHA_KEYS - Disable type mismatch processing

SYNSSL_RAND - File containing random data for Synergy SSL encryption

SYNSSLLIB - Synergy SSL runtime support library

SYNTXT - Message text file directory

SYNUSERDEF - File to include at beginning of compilation unit

SYNXML - SYNXML.EXE shared image

TABSET_STYLE - Tab set style

TBUF - Terminal output buffer size

TERM - Terminal type

TERMCAP - Termcap file

TKLIB_SH - TKLIB_SH.EXE shared image

TNMBR - Current terminal number

TRIM_HOME - xfODBC system catalog caching file

TYPE_FACE - Font name

UMASK - File mode creation mask

VFYCTL - Change isutl behavior

VMS_UNLOCK_SINGLE - Enable UNLOCK to unlock only the current record

VORTEX_API_LOGFILE - Connectivity Series client-side log file

VORTEX_API_LOGOPTS - Connectivity Series client-side log options

VORTEX_HOME - Location of Connectivity Series default settings

VORTEX_HOST_HIDEGPF - Prevent failed thread from stopping SQL OpenNet server


VORTEX_HOST_LOGOPTS - SQL OpenNet log options

VORTEX_HOST_SYSLOG - Crash on SQL OpenNet access violation

VORTEX_HOST_NOSEM - Generate system messages for fatal SQL OpenNet errors

VORTEX_ODBC_CHAR - ODBC string descriptions

VORTEX_ODBC_DATETIME - Control how datetime columns are retrieved

VORTEX_ODBC_TIME - Describe time columns as SQL_TIME or SQL_TIMESTAMP

VORTEX_SHM_BASE - Base address for system catalog caching

VORTEX_SHM_FILE - .dat file for system catalog caching

VTXIPC_SO - VTXIPC_SO.EXE shared image

WBNOINC - Suppress .INCLUDE processing while Workbench is tagging

WBTAGCOUNT - Number of characters that change between retags in Workbench

WBTAGDELAY - Number of seconds between retags in Workbench

WND - UI Toolkit directory

WNDC - Default colors

XF_REMOTE_HOST - Host name for xfServerPlus

XF_REMOTE_PORT - Port number for xfServerPlus

XF_RMT_DBG_TIMOUT - Connect session time-out for xfNetLink Synergy (debug)

XF_RMT_TIMOUT - Call time-out for xfNetLink Synergy

XF_RMTCONN_TIMOUT - Connect session time-out for xfNetLink Synergy (normal)

XFBOOTCLASSPATH - Path for runtime JAR file for xfNetLink Java

XFEXTDIRS - Path for Java classes and JAR files for xfNetLink Java

XFNLS_LOGFILE - Filename for debug trace information

XFODBCUSR_SO - Shared image for routines for user-defined data

XFPL_API - XFPL_API.EXE shared image

XFPL_BASECHAN - Base channel number for xfServerPlus

XFPL_COMPRESS - Compress data for xfServerPlus

XFPL_DBR - Run xfServerPlus with dbr instead of dbs

XFPL_DEBUG - Enable xfServerPlus debug logging

XFPL_DTL - XFPL_DTL.EXE shared image

XFPL_FUNC_INFO - Enable xfServerPlus function logging

XFPL_LOG - Enable xfServerPlus logging

XFPL_LOGFILE - xfServerPlus log filename

XFPL_LOGICAL - Define logicals for xfServerPlus

XFPL_INIPATH - xfpl.ini file location

XFPL_SESS_INFO - Enable xfServerPlus session logging

XFPL_SINGLELOGFILE - Log all processes in a single file

XFPL_SMCPATH - Synergy Method Catalog files location

XSHOW - Keep application iconized