C# compiler options

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




The SYNCSCOPT environment variable specifies a list of C# compiler options that will be used when building a Synergy .NET assembly with xfNetLink .NET.

One or more valid C# compiler options, separated by a space.

You can use SYNCSCOPT to add C# compiler options to the command line that xfNetLink .NET uses to build the Synergy assembly. Set SYNCSCOPT before running the batch file generated by gencs or, if you are using Workbench, before selecting Build > Build Assembly.

If you set SYNCSCOPT to an option that is already included on the generated command line, the option defined by SYNCSCOPT will be used.

See your C# documentation for a list of compiler options and their syntax.

At the command prompt, in the global environment (i.e., from the System Properties dialog box), on the Workbench command line, or on the Open tab of the Project properties dialog box in Workbench.

Workbench, gencs

If set at the command prompt,

set SYNCSCOPT=/baseaddress:0x123456 /warn:1