Alternate xfServer log file



USupported on UNIX


The RSYNDLOG environment variable specifies an alternate log filename for the Synergy/DE xfServer daemon, rsynd.


The filename to which xfServer information is logged.


By default, Synergy/DE xfServer logs start and stop activity, along with unexpected signals, to the file /usr/lib/rsynd.log. You can specify an alternate log filename using RSYNDLOG.

Each log entry contains the following information:

By default, the maximum log file size is 1 MB. When this size is exceeded, the file is truncated to 0 bytes and then refilled with new activity. Use the RSLOGMAX environment variable to specify a larger log file size.

RSYNDLOG must be set prior to starting rsynd. Because rsynd is started from an rc system startup file, you must also set RSYNDLOG and/or RSLOGMAX there as well.

Setting location

The environment before running rsynd (usually in the /etc/rc file).

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RSYNDLOG=/usr/synergyde/dbl/rsynd.log    ;export RSYNDLOG