List font

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




The FONT_LIST environment variable sets the default font for any list that does not have its own font specification. (The font for a list is controlled by the font assigned to the input window associated with the list.)

The name of a font palette entry. (a)

FONT_LIST can be used to more easily migrate your application to proportional fonts.

When you use any of the FONT_ initialization settings and use the I_FLDMOD subroutine to change the type of a field (for example, from alpha to numeric), be aware that the corresponding font isn’t automatically applied. To update the font, use the D_FLD_FONT option for I_FLDMOD.

The environment or the [synergy], [dbr], or [myprog] section of synergy.ini (where myprog is any .dbr file).

UI Toolkit

In the synergy.ini file,