File mode creation mask



USupported on UNIX


The UMASK environment variable sets the file mode creation mask (umask) for xfServer and xfServerPlus.


An octal umask value you want to set. Refer to the octal form of umask(1) in the UNIX man pages for details.


Some security implementations cause the umask value to be cleared. You must use the UMASK environment variable in those instances.

Setting location

The synrc file or the environment. If set in the environment, UMASK must be set before xfServer or xfServerPlus is started. Setting it in the synrc file is the better choice because it guarantees that the UMASK setting will be used.

Used by

xfServer, xfServerPlus


The example below creates a file ‑rw‑rw‑r‑‑ (read and write by owner, read and write by group, and read only by others).

UMASK=02     ;export UMASK