Run xfServerPlus with dbr instead of dbs

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX


The XFPL_DBR environment variable specifies that xfServerPlus should use dbr instead of dbs.


Any value.


By default, the xfServerPlus program (xfpl.dbr) uses the dbs runtime which is a reduced‑size runtime intended for detached programs. However, there may be circumstances where your application requires that you run xfServerPlus with the regular runtime, dbr. For example, your application might need to use the Synergy windowing API.

Although it is possible to run xfServerPlus with dbr, we do not recommend doing so because it will adversely affect performance. When using dbr, xfServerPlus sessions will start slower and require more memory than when using dbs.

If XFPL_DBR is set and session logging is turned on, “XFPL_DBR logical is set” will be written to the xfpl.log file.

Setting location

On Windows, in the registry. (You can use the Synergy Configuration Program to set xfServerPlus environment variables on Windows.) On UNIX, in the synrc file. You can also set it in the environment on UNIX, but it must already be set when rsynd is started.

XFPL_DBR can be set so that it applies to a specific instance of xfServerPlus or to all instances of xfServerPlus. Set it the same as you would XFPL_SMCPATH or XFPL_INIPATH.

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