Create files compatible with other Synergy versions

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX


The ISAMC_REV environment variable enables you to create ISAM files compatible with previous versions of Synergy using the ISAMC subroutine, or to convert ISAM files up to a higher revision level using isutl or fconvert.


One of the following revision numbers:

4 = Create Synergy DBL 7‑9 ISAM files.

6 = Create Synergy DBL 10 ISAM files. (default)


By default, all ISAM files created with version 10 or higher are Revision 6 and are not recognizable by previous Synergy versions (although your program can still access files from earlier versions).

Revision 2 and 3 files cannot be used with the current version of isutl. In order to run isutl with these older files, you must first convert them to a minimum of Revision 5 using isutl ‑p. By default, this will convert the file to Revision 6, but if the file needs to be accessed by Synergy versions prior to 10.1 you’ll need to specify isutl ‑p 5 and convert the file to Revision 5 instead.


As of Synergy/DE 10, new Revision 2 and 3 files can no longer be created. Although you can still access them in 10.1, we plan to remove support for these revisions in a future release.

If you are using ISAMC_REV to maintain an ISAM file revision other than the default, it must be set by every Synergy user who may create a file.


Setting this variable for the runtime does not affect how xfServer handles the file I/O. For example, if you set ISAMC_REV in the synergy.ini file or in your application with SETLOG, and you’re using xfServer for your file I/O, ISAMC_REV will not be used by xfServer. You must also set ISAMC_REV on the xfServer machine for the xfServer process.

Setting location

The environment. ISAMC_REV can be reset by the SETLOG subroutine, and the runtime interprets the new setting.


If you use SETLOG with ISAMC_REV, only the current thread and newly created threads are affected. Prior threads are not changed.

Used by

Runtime, compiler, fcompare, fconvert, isutl

See also

isutl ‑p utility



ISAMC_REV=4    ;export ISAMC_REV