Create files compatible with other Synergy versions

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX


The ISAMC_REV environment variable enables you to create ISAM files compatible with previous versions of Synergy using the ISAMC subroutine, or to convert ISAM files up to a higher revision level using isutl or fconvert. It also controls how Script, Proto, %SCR_PROCESS, and Composer create window libraries, which are ISAM files.

One of the following revision numbers:

4 = Create Synergy DBL 7-9 ISAM files or window libraries that work with Synergy/DE 9.5.3 and higher.

6 = Create Synergy DBL 10 ISAM files or window libraries that work with Synergy/DE 10 and higher. (default)

By default, all ISAM files created with version 10 or higher are Revision 6 and are not recognizable by previous Synergy versions (although your program can still access revision 4 files from earlier versions).


Revision 2 and 3 files are no longer supported. To run isutl with these older files, you must first convert them to a minimum of Revision 5 using isutl -p. By default, this will convert the file to Revision 6, but if the file needs to be accessed by Synergy versions prior to 10.1 you’ll need to specify isutl -p 5 and convert the file to Revision 5 instead.

If you are using ISAMC_REV to maintain an ISAM file revision other than the default, it must be set by every Synergy user who may create a file.

If ISAMC_REV is set to 4 when Script or Composer is started, window libraries compiled by Script or Composer will work with Synergy/DE 9.5.3 and higher. If ISAMC_REV is not set (or is set to 6) when Script or Composer is started, the compiled window libraries will work with Synergy/DE 10 and higher.


Setting this variable for the runtime does not affect how xfServer handles the file I/O. For example, if you set ISAMC_REV in the synergy.ini file or in your application with SETLOG, and you’re using xfServer for your file I/O, ISAMC_REV will not be used by xfServer. You must also set ISAMC_REV on the xfServer machine for the xfServer process.

The environment. ISAMC_REV can be reset by the SETLOG subroutine, and the runtime interprets the new setting.


If you use SETLOG with ISAMC_REV, only the current thread and newly created threads are affected. Prior threads are not changed.

Runtime, compiler, fcompare, fconvert, isutl, Script, Proto, %SCR_PROCESS, Composer

isutl -p utility


ISAMC_REV=4    ;export ISAMC_REV