Font height

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows



In traditional Synergy, the FONT_HEIGHT environment variable sets the height of the global font (in conjunction with TYPE_FACE and FONT_WIDTH) if a global font is not otherwise specified. In Synergy .NET, it specifies the point size.


The height in logical units (traditional Synergy) or the point size (Synergy .NET) of the font. The default point size is 10. (n)


Traditional Synergy uses the specified font height for application windows of less than 132 columns and for the debugger window. The font height can be specified in one of three ways:

If the current font is not available in the requested size, Synergy substitutes the font that most closely resembles the font that was specified.

In traditional Synergy, we recommend that you use the FONT_GLOBAL environment variable rather than FONT_HEIGHT.

When you use any of the FONT_ initialization settings and use the I_FLDMOD subroutine to change the type of a field (for example, from alpha to numeric), be aware that the corresponding font isn’t automatically applied. To update the font, use the D_FLD_FONT option for I_FLDMOD.

Setting location

The environment or the [synergy], [dbr], or [myprog] section of synergy.ini (where myprog is any .dbr file).

Used by

Runtime, debugger

See also


In the synergy.ini file,