Time to maintain client context for connection recovery

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows



The SCSKEEPCONTEXT environment variable enables the client to override the KeepContext value on the server when using xfServer connection recovery.

The maximum number of seconds to maintain a client context after an unexpected socket disconnect. Valid values are 1 through 260000 (72 hours).

When connection recovery is enabled on the server (in either slave or master mode), setting SCSKEEPCONTEXT on the client overrides the KeepContext value set on the xfServer machine for that client.

When connection recovery is enabled in slave mode, setting SCSKEEPCONTEXT on the client enables the feature for that client, even if SCSKEEPCONNECT is not set. (If SCSKEEPCONNECT is explicitly set to OFF or if KeepConnect on the server is off, setting SCSKEEPCONTEXT will not enable the feature, and a warning will be logged in the Windows event log on the server.)

If SCSPROFILE is also set, the value set with SCSKEEPCONTEXT will override the KeepContext setting in the specified profile.

On the xfServer client in the environment or in the [dbr] section of synergy.ini. To use the SETLOG routine to set SCSKEEPCONTEXT, call it prior to the first OPEN statement to the server.