Describe time columns as SQL_TIME or SQL_TIMESTAMP

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows



The VORTEX_ODBC_TIME environment variable determines how time columns are described.


One of the following values:

10 = Describe time columns as SQL_TIME. (default)

11 = Describe time columns as SQL_TIMESTAMP.


ADO.NET retrieves SQL_TIME columns (the default data type for time columns in xfODBC) as System.TimeSpan, which is a .NET data type that represents a time interval, rather than a specific time. So unless an application is written to use a time interval, the time must generally be calculated from timespan values. VORTEX_ODBC_TIME, however, can make these calculations unnecessary by instructing the xfODBC driver to describe time columns as SQL_TIMESTAMP. Note the following:

Setting location

The system environment. For client/server configurations, VORTEX_ODBC_TIME must be set on the client. For a service, such as IIS or SQL Server, you must reboot after setting VORTEX_ODBC_TIME, unless you set it in a DSN (see Adding a user or system DSN).

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