Crash on UNIX signals and Windows exceptions

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX


The SIG_CORE environment variable causes a program to crash rather than giving a runtime-assisted message with the Synergy line number on certain UNIX signals and Windows exceptions, such as segmentation faults. It is primarily used for system fault diagnosis.


Any value.


SIG_CORE must be set when trying to use the debugger on the advice of Synerg/DE Developer Support.

When SIG_CORE is set to any value, the program will crash with a system core dump on any signal or exception that would normally be interpreted by the runtime. On UNIX, you’ll have to reset your terminal settings with the stty command.

Note that SIG_CORE must be set in the environment before the dbr is launched. To turn SIG_CORE off, issue the following command at the command line:

unset SIG_CORE

On Linux, you must set

ulimit -c unlimited

Otherwise, SIG_CORE won’t work and core files will not be produced.

Setting location

The environment.

Used by




SIG_CORE=on  ;export SIG_CORE