Keep application iconized

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




The XSHOW environment variable specifies that an application should remain as an icon until U_START is called.


Any value.


If XSHOW is not set, window size adjustments can be seen as the footer, information line, and toolbars are added when the applications starts up. To postpone the display of the application window until this sizing is complete, set XSHOW to any value.

A special value, HIDE, keeps the application window hidden. Setting XSHOW to HIDE has the same effect as setting APP_STATE to HIDDEN.

The XSHOW environment variable affects the current program and any programs spawned by the current program.

Setting location

The environment or the [synergy], [dbr], or [myprog] section of synergy.ini (where myprog is any .dbr file).

Used by



In the synergy.ini file,