Default and other namespaces to import

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS

The SYNDEFNS environment variable specifies namespaces to import implicitly. The first name in the list is the default namespace.


A semicolon‑delimited list of namespaces to import.


Items declared (for example, unqualified subroutines and functions) without a namespace will be put into the first namespace in the list when a prototype for those items is created.

To also import any nested namespaces, add a wildcard character (*) after the namespace name, (for example, mydefaultnamespace.*). A wildcard character cannot be used for the first namespace in the list.


System and Synergex (and namespaces nested within them) and synglobal are reserved namespace names.

If SYNDEFNS is not defined, synglobal is the default namespace.

If the ‑qdefns compiler option is specified, SYNDEFNS is ignored.

Setting location

The environment or the [synergy] section of synergy.ini.

Used by

Compiler, Workbench, Synergy Prototype utility


set SYNDEFNS = MyCompany
set SYNDEFNS = MyCompany.MyDivision
set SYNDEFNS = synglobal;MyCompany.*