Input Routines

An input window is a standard window that can contain text, input fields, and buttons. It enables you to display and retrieve information from the user.

Using input windows

I_ACTIVATE - Specify characters for input termination

I_CTRCONTEXT - Establish input context for child input window

I_DISABLE - Disable input fields

I_DISPLAY - Display data to input fields

I_DSPAREA - Set the display area for an input window

I_DSPFLD - Display data to one input field

I_ENABLE - Enable input fields

%I_FLDDIM - Retrieve an input field’s dimension or number of elements

I_FLDINF - Return input field information

I_FLDMOD - Modify an input field’s attributes at runtime

%I_FLDPREC - Retrieve an input field’s precision

I_FLDSEL - Assign a new selection window to an input field

%I_FLDSIZE - Retrieve an input field’s size

%I_FLDSTRPOS - Retrieve an input field’s structure position

I_FORCE - Force data to or from an input field

I_FRAMES - Display frames on input fields

I_GETFLD - Get data from an input field’s data area

%I_GETSTRING - Retrieve a string referenced by an input window data pointer

%I_INFO - Return general information about an input window

I_INIT - Initialize input fields

I_INPFLD - Process an input field

I_INPUT - Process an input set

I_LDINP - Load an input window from a library

I_NEXT - Specify the next input field or button to be processed

I_PROMPT - Set a variable prompt

I_PUTFLD - Put data into an input field

I_READONLY - Set read-only state for input fields

I_SETDEL - Delete fields from an input set

I_SETINF - Retrieve information about an input set

I_SNAPSHOT - Save/restore an input window’s controls

I_TXTPOS - Get or set the input position for a multi-line text field

I_USER - Retrieve/load the user-defined string for an input field

IB_BUTTON - Include a button in an input window

IB_BUTTONSET - Define the placement of a set of buttons

IB_DSP_AREA - Set the display area for a new input window

IB_END - Define the end of a new input window

IB_FIELD - Add an input field to a new input window

IB_INPUT - Create a new input window

IB_LOCAL - Set the current input window structure to local

IB_PAINT - Set the paint character for a new input window

IB_RPS_STRUCTURE - Specify the repository structure for a new input window

IB_SET - Add a set definition to a new input window

IB_STRUCTURE - Define a local structure within a new input window

The input methods

IARRIVE_METHOD - Perform input field arrive processing

%ICHANGE_METHOD - Perform input field change processing

%IDISPLAY_METHOD - Perform input field display processing

IDRILL_METHOD - Perform drilldown button processing

%IEDITFMT_METHOD - Perform input field “edit format” processing

IHYPER_METHOD - Perform hyperlink prompt processing

ILEAVE_METHOD - Perform input field leave processing