Include a button in an input window

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




xcall IB_BUTTON(build_id, name, [DSB_TEXT|DSB_BITMAP], [type_data], [method],
&     [elb], [select_char], [position][, tooltip])



The ID of the input window under construction. (n)


The name of the button to add (a maximum of 30 characters). (a)


(optional) The button face type. Pass DSB_TEXT for text (default) or DSB_BITMAP for a graphic. (n)


(optional) Text for the button face if the type is DSB_TEXT, or the filename of the graphic if the type is DSB_BITMAP. (a)


(optional) The name of the method subroutine to invoke. (a)


(optional) The name of the library from which to draw method. (a)


(optional) The quick-select character. (a)


(optional) The position the button will be inserted in the button set. (a or n)


(optional) The text of a ToolTip to be displayed when the mouse pointer rests over the button. (a)


On Windows, IB_BUTTON creates a button in a new input window. This subroutine is used when building a new input window at runtime.

The default location for a set of buttons is at the bottom, left-justified, with as many buttons on a row as will fit before wrapping to a new row. To change these defaults, use IB_BUTTONSET.

The basic functionality for this routine is documented in the B_BUTTON Discussion.

This routine has no effect on applications running on UNIX or OpenVMS or in Synergy .NET. However, button information is saved on these platforms, so if the window is saved to a window library (using U_SAVE) and later loaded from that library on a Windows platform in traditional Synergy, the button will be present (assuming ISAM-compatible platforms).

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The following example defines an OK button named I_OK. When the button is selected, the remaining input fields are filled with defaults and standard termination processing occurs. The OK button has the quick-select character “K.” When alt+k is pressed, a click of the OK button is simulated.

xcall ib_button(inpid, "I_OK", DSB_TEXT, "OK",,, "K")

The next example creates a button named lookup with the graphic lookup.gif on its face. Selecting this button will invoke the subroutine lookup located in the library button.elb.

xcall ib_button(bldid, "lookup", DSB_BITMAP, "lookup.gif", "lookup", "button.elb")