Set the current input window structure to local

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall IB_LOCAL(build_id)



The ID of the input window under construction. (n)


IB_LOCAL specifies that subsequent fields are to be created, instead of drawn from the repository. This is the default state when you call IB_INPUT. This subroutine is used after you have used IB_RPS_STUCTURE to draw fields from the repository and you want to create local fields.

This subroutine is used when building a new input window at runtime.


The following example sets the current state of the input window being built to local. Any subsequent fields specified by IB_FIELD are to be created rather than retrieved from the repository.

xcall ib_local(bldid)