Get data from an input field’s data area

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall I_GETFLD(window_id, [set_name], data_area, field_spec, data)



The ID of the input window containing the field. (n)


(optional) The name of the input set. (a)


The data area for the input set. (a)


The specification for the field whose data area data will be retrieved from. (See Field specifications for information.) (a)


Returned with the obtained data. (a or n)


I_GETFLD gets data from an input field’s data area.

If either window_id or field_spec is invalid, a fatal error occurs.

If you omit set_name, it defaults to the first input set.

Data_area must correspond to the structure associated with the input set.

The data is loaded into data according to the definitions in the input window, regardless of the actual type of data. If the data type is text, data is assumed to be the first element of an array dimensioned as specified in the field’s definition.

Note that by default, Toolkit does not ensure that the size of data_area or the size of data matches the size of the referenced field (field_spec) or that they are even large enough for the field. However, bounds checking can check for the following conditions. (See g_dtkbounds for more information.)


The following example locates the position of the fax field in cusmas and copies the data to fax_number.

xcall i_getfld(inpid,, cusmas, "fax", fax_number)

The next example locates the position of the addr field in cusmas and copies the data to address.

xcall i_getfld(inpid,, cusmas, "addr", address)