Create a new input window

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall IB_INPUT(build_id, name, rows, columns, [no_log][, window_id])



Returned with the input window build ID. (n)


The name of the input window (a maximum of 15 characters). (a)


The number of rows in the window. (n)


The number of columns in the window. (n)


(optional) The true/false flag that specifies whether UI Toolkit should skip logging the input window with the environment. (n)


(optional) Returned with the intermediate stage window ID. (n)


IB_INPUT is used to begin building a new input window at runtime. Like .INPUT does in a script file, IB_INPUT starts the input window building definition. The IB_END subroutine (like .END) ends the definition. All other IB_xxx subroutines associated with this window should be called in between IB_INPUT and IB_END.

The build_id variable should be an aligned i4. This build_id is passed as the first argument to all other IB_xxx subroutines.

If you pass a null string (“ ”) for name, Toolkit assigns a unique window name in the form _W_nnn, where nnn is the window ID.

The new input window will be logged in the current environment, unless no_log is passed and is true.

The intermediate window_id can be useful if you want to display text in the window or set other window features. The final input window (created when you call IB_END) will inherit the features of this window (such as title and border), with the exception that the window fields and controls will be added later.

The display area must only be changed using IB_DSP_AREA until after the window is finished (with IB_END). If you set it directly, the input processor will not know that the window has a movable view.


The following example initiates an input window specification session. The name of the input window will be questions and the working ID that will be used is returned in bldid. The height of the new input window is determined by qrows and its width by qcols. The new input window will be logged in the current environment.

xcall ib_input(bldid, "questions", qrows, qcols)