Assign a new selection window to an input field

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall I_FLDSEL(window_id, field_spec, [selection_id][, row, column])



The ID of the input window containing the field. (n)


The specification for the field that the selection window will be assigned to. (See Field specifications for information.) (a)


(optional) The ID of the selection window. (n)


(optional) The row offset from the field at which to place the upper-left corner of the selection window. (n)


(optional) The column offset from the field at which to place the upper-left corner of the selection window. (n)


I_FLDSEL assigns a selection window to a field.

If either window_id or field_spec is invalid, a fatal error occurs.

If selection_id is passed and a local selection window is already assigned to the field (SELECT qualifier on . FIELD), it will be deleted. The specified window will be assigned to the field and marked as non-local. It will not be considered owned by the input window. In this situation, the selection window will not be deleted when you delete the input window. Deleting the selection window becomes your responsibility.

If selection_id is omitted or has a value of zero, the specified field will not display a selection window. Thus, you have the ability to assign or deassign a selection window at runtime. (For example, you may want to use the same input field to enter an existing code and define a new code. You can assign the selection window to your field with one call to I_FLDSEL, and then remove the selection window from the field with another call to I_FLDSEL.)

If you don’t specify row and column, the new selection window will be placed where the old one was. If there was not a selection window before, the selection window will be placed immediately below the field.

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The following example assigns the yesno selection window to the taxable field in the arcust input window. The selection window is placed two rows below and three columns to the right of the beginning of the taxable field.

xcall i_ldinp(inpwd, g_utlib, "arcust")
xcall u_ldwnd(selwd, g_utlib, "yesno")
xcall i_fldsel(inpwd, "taxable", selwd, 2, 3)